Saturday, January 3, 2009

What's in a name

Turns out I am, by far, not the first person to think of the name 'Nerd Knits' either. In fact there is a quite popular knitting blog by that very same name. Ashamed, I have renamed this back to its original, if less interesting, title - Shishkani Knits. And I have resolved to start googling more, at least before I start things like this.

All my apologies, should she ever read this, to the creator of the real 'nerd knits' blog. The name was, and still is, hers.

I thought I would expound though a bit on why I chose this name in the first place. I think it is mainly because I started knitting like most people do, probably, with no particular goal in mind other than making and owning pretty things. But I quickly found my work being colored by the other things I do and enjoy. I dreamed up projects based on video games, TV shows, or more boring things like the fruit flies I study. I wrote up patterns, though I haven't had time to start on either, for a scarf that gives the sequence for the A allele for the ABO gene (My blood type is A+, hence the choice) and the Blue Sun logo from Firefly. I hoarded interesting scientific patterns like the DNA cable at and the nautiloid models at

So again, while I will no longer call this blog Nerd Knits, I still think of it in that kind of category.

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