Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Yeah, about that Intarsia in the round thing. Maybe later. On my first attempt I messed up the chart conversion and ripped out the whole mess in frustration; right now I'm working on a pair knitted in the round, as god and nature intended I suppose, to get a better handle on the pattern. I still think the theory is solid, but perhaps my complicated-knitting skills need a bit of polishing first.

On that note let's move on to some slightly more cheerful news.

The only bad thing about Ravelry is that it's easy to do things and post them there and neglect to describe them here. One reason I made this blog is to share ideas I come up with, or notes I have while knitting something. So I'll try to be better about that kind of thing.

I only recently learned about Knitpicks - yeah, why did that take me so long - and I have to say that so far I love it. Ordered my own 'sampler' of single skeins of a bunch of different yarns to play with, and so far I'm really liking the quality, and LOVING the price. I decided to dive in and bought the yarn I needed to make Maude, the sweater that's been haunting my dreams. Next week I go on a road trip to Tennessee, so I'm looking forward to getting started on it (not really looking forward to winding all those skeins, but that's a different matter).

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