Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dreaming of an 8-bit christmas . . .

I have minions at my day job. And to thank them for doing the otherwise thankless job, I made them Christmas presents.

Cue images!!

What we have here are fleece hat versions of Mega Man, Proto Man, and a Tanuki suit. There are precedents - the people wearing these hats have photoshopped images of themselves as these characters on our door. Yes, I'm serious.

These were sewn, not knitted - once again I'm not even following my own rules. Sorry. But at least I think they enjoyed them, and it made me feel so deliciously nerdy to have made these.

If I get any requests, I can draw up a simple pattern. Each hat only took a few hours to cut and put together; just as much time was spent figuring them out as making them, probably.

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