Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Worst Knitter Ever

I keep letting other things get in the way of my creative passions.

Like, you know, life.

I didn't even update the blog for a while, which is ridiculous.

Anyway, here's a minor list of what's been going on:

Finished the awesomeness. I have a hand-knitted, wire-framed and thus fully poseable Sackboy of my very own. He's about 9 inches tall, and slightly out of proportion - his legs and arms are too long, compared to his body - but he's only the first of several. I have a lot more I want to say about this topic, perhaps later, once I get some really good pictures.

Started on something for myself, finally - a neckwarmer/ruff kind of thing. I had a small hoard of several skeins of Bernat Felting yarn in Gardenia, which is an absolutely gorgous colorway, and I didn't know what to do with it, until I was inspired by seeing some work by the featured crafters on Etsy - there are a lot of neckwarmers out there, and it made me want one for myself. So far that one's mostly done with knitting, it just needs finishing work. Rather than knit it as a tube in the round, I did it as a flat rectangle, and I'm going to attach some shell buttons so the closure will be adjustable. I guess it's kind of like an artsy scarf more than a neckwarmer. I started in on some matching armwarmers, but the bulky yarn looks a little weird for that, so I don't know if I will finish them.

When I get home I'll add pictures for everything I'm discussing here.

And now it's Christmas, and I feel like I failed. I started in on a sweater for someone, but just today I decided to give up, because there's no way it will be finished in time. It's working up really fast with size 15 needles and Caron's Simply Soft Quick, but not fast enough. Even if I just didn't sleep, it probably wouldn't be done, so I decided to set it aside and enjoy the holiday. I will finish it up for the next gift-giving occasion.

I think there's a philosophy in that - knitting should be fun, not work. When I find myself begrudging everything else I'm doing, because it takes time away from a project that I really don't even want to look at but feel like I MUST finish, it makes for a crappy holiday. Really, the philosophy here is one I've failed to learn for years now - start sooner than I think I will need to. On EVERYTHING. Today I went and bought a gift instead, and I feel amazingly better with that pressure off. Now all I have to do before Christmas is my regular day job.

But I am le tired . . .

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