Friday, October 24, 2008

Storage Issues

I was wondering how other people solve this problem that I have encountered. It could be that other people don't hoard the amount of yarn that I do, of course. But surely there must be a few other pack rats out there who need a place to keep approximately 200 pounds of yarn.

(I'm kidding - who has 200 pounds of yarn? My stash really only totals 193 or so, I just round up.)

Rack shelving, with see-through plastic bins, so I can see what's inside. It's hard to see in this picture, but I also tied a small sample of the yarns inside to the outside of the bin, which helps for the ones on the higher shelf. I can reach that high, but I can't see what's up in there near as easily.

So far this is a lot better than the laundry hampers it was previously tangling in. Any skeins that have been 'opened' are in ziploc bags too. Now, I just have to knit all the stuff I was planning on making with this ridiculous pile.

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