Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This is what happens when I feel like making something, but I don't plan

About a week ago, I was sitting on the couch and was struck by a sudden desire to make something. I have a lot of craft supplies just lying around, and lately I have been on a wire-and-glass kick. I got to thinking about how wire is so much more organic-looking. And then this came out.

Three large glass leaf beads, a number of seed beads in shades of tan/brown and copper, copper wire, and some green ribbon. It's just barely bigger than a choker - it rests at the base of my neck. It closes with a loop of ribbon that just fits over a large roundish glass bead.

I do wish, now, that I had planned it better. As it was I sort of just kept going until it seemed done, but with some careful design it probably would have been nicer. Also, I really need practice with wire. In some places it is wobbly, where I would rather have it smooth. It's also a bit poky. Still, though, I love this. It makes me wish I had more open-necked tops, like a simple boatneck in some neutral color. Perhaps I will knit one, if I ever finish with all the other projects I have ongoing.

One more detailed picture below.

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