Saturday, October 18, 2008

What have I done? Dear gods, what have I done?


At any rate, it seems that a large amount of the things I make are presents for my Mom. I would like to think she likes them for themselves, as well as because I made them. As a Mom, it's her job, I guess. At any rate, though, here are a few that I remain proud of. Note that the misshapen clay objects left over from middle school art class do not feature here.

Items in this bunch: A crocheted car coat. Made with Red Heart Light and Lofty in a dark red color - again, I won't remember the name - from the Lion Brand Car Coat pattern. (You have to make a logon to see any Lion Brand patterns, but its free.) I adapted it from the original shawl collar, and added pockets. I also lined the edges with a row of Lion Brand Incredible tape yarn, in Autumn Leaves. I love this stuff so much.

There's also my first successful yarn project ever - a crocheted afghan in cream and sage Light and Lofty. Mom loved this; it was a Christmas present. I made it from a pattern in some afghans book.

There's a really cool intarsia scarf I made for her from a pattern in a knitting magazine. Which one exactly escapes me at the moment, but when I find out, I'll come back to edit it. This is in Caron's Simply Soft, which is one of my favorite acrylic yarns ever. It is super soft, comes in beautiful colors, and is really affordable. I have a huge stash of some of my favorite colors, which is good, because I heard they are changing it - my local Wal Mart has stopped selling it.

Lastly there is another necklace. This one I have made several versions of; thin copper wire and glass beads, twisted and woven together. Perhaps later I will post more detailed instructions on making one, and a shot of one I made for a friend that came out nicer.

Too many pictures to clutter up this post with. Click here to see them on Picasa.

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