Saturday, February 12, 2011

Site redesign!

. . . if by redesign, you mean, 'I decided my homemade custom background and whatnot looked amateurish and unpleasant, so I chose my favorite out of the available default templates'. Which is pretty much what happened.

I'm a knitter, not an html coder, and not even a particularly good blogger. I decided I'd rather this looks okay with minimal effort from me, than it continues to look bad with no effort, or I update it and get it exactly how I want it (I assume this would require a great deal of effort to do it right).

Anyway, I've been thinking about why I bother having a blog and what it's good for. I like explaining things to people, so a lot of my posts have been sort of 'how to' statements, but I would also like for it to be entertaining. I've been spending more time on Ravelry's I Blog group, and it's given me some things to think about.

Expect more posts soon.

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