Saturday, February 19, 2011


I started a new job last Monday, something that's kind of weird considering my previous work and skillset - an ASP.NET programmer for a state agency. When I have a master's degree in Evolutionary Biology. Yep.

I always liked programming and I've done enough of it throughout my biology career that they thought I was a good fit - and apparently they like to get people and train em up right, so they don't care that I didn't actually know what ASP.NET even was when I started on Monday. I've spent most of my first week studying, and while I don't think I could whip out an awesome web-based application with ease just yet, I at least have one really important thing down: now I know much better what it is that I don't know and need to learn. Things felt much more overwhelming before I knew the enormity of my own ignorance. Also, now I know where to look to find much of it, or at least where to start, and who I can ask for more help.

It feels weird to think of that as an accomplishment, but I kinda do. And I'm so excited about all of this.

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